The fascination of lasers - a great technology with an almost infinite range of capabilities. From small private celebrations to large events and trade fairs to breathtaking 3D projections and city beams ...


What is a laser show?

In a laser show, single or multiple laser light beams are deflected extremely quickly. Laser beams can create any color and shape and thus create brilliant visual effects or even precise graphics and logos.


What types of laser shows are there?

Beamshow (room show)

Graphic show (projection show)

Citybeam (extremely powerful laser beams)

Laser Beamshow.jpg


This is a pre-programmed laser show. In this type of laser show, for example, laser beams are specifically combined with pieces of music and synchronized with precise timing. The length of the show depends primarily on the individual customer requirements. If you take into account the general attention span of the guests, a beam show between 4 and 20 minutes is recommended.

Lasershow Multimedia.jpg


What is a multimedia show?

In a multimedia show (so-called "multimedia event"), several show effects such as laser, pyrotechnics or water are artistically combined with one another.  

Feel the tremendous power of magic !!!

The wonderful harmony of the effects arouses a fantastic variety of emotions. Breathtaking moments that leave lasting memories for the beholder.

3D Animation Laser.png



With extremely fast deflection of the laser beams , great 3D animations, precise graphics, individual logos or texts can be created. These can be projected onto projection surfaces of any kind , such as a water screen, hydro signs, gauze or a building.

Logo Laser.png

With professional premium technology one step ahead of your competition, looking to the future!

A so-called "laser mapping" (projection onto products such as vehicles or machines) perfectly stages your new product. A full effect Marketing - an absolute eye-catcher with the set at all, whether customers or competitors, an attractive statement. Comprehensive on-site support and absolute premium high-end laser technology also ensure that the strict safety requirements of a trade fair are met without any problems. A spectacularly designed laser show with interactive participation by your new employees is also a welcome and varied tool in the area of "team building".



Progress through technology!

Invest in the future of your company and rely on future-oriented premium laser technology from Laser Division. Large-scale projections with laser technology are possible almost anywhere and almost independent of the distance to the target. Almost every building, mountain or static structure can be used as an individual advertising space for your projection element (logo, slogan, message, ...). Complete sequences in 2D / 3D or ticker can also be implemented. We also take care of all the permits required for this projection.